CBD Isolate – Zero THC


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This CBD Isolate is beautiful stuff from right here in Colorado – we know & love this Lab – Stephen at Mile High Labs makes a superior product. They use alcohol to extract their cannabinoids, which preserves the terpene profile in the Isolate – it smells like flowers and honey.

Available in two sizes – AMAZING PRICE!

1,000mg CBD

2,500mg CBD

Look for videos coming soon on our website on how to use isolate & make your own products or add to a tincture to goose up the CBD with out such a high cost for the super high strength tinctures.

Isolate is the only product that we carry that can be added to vape units, because it’s pure CBD with no weird toxic flavored carcinogenic mixers…!

Take a look at that test – this stuff is clean as the driven snow 🙂

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1 gram, 2.5 grams


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