CBD Isolate – Zero THC


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This CBD Isolate is beautiful! Produced right here in Colorado – we know & love this Lab – Stephen at Mile High Labs makes a superior product. They use alcohol to extract their cannabinoids, which preserves the terpene profile in the Isolate. Pure CBD powder, it dissolves readily into a little warm oil and because the terpene profile is preserved, it smells like flowers and honey.


1,000mg CBD

Easy to use!  You can add this pure CBD to any tincture to boost the CBD by 1,000 mg:  Use a clean heat proof glass measuring cup. Wipe out with alcohol and let dry. Pour your CBD tincture into the cup, add the full gram of Flora’s CBD Isolate and heat the cup in the microwave on short bursts (5 seconds) until the oil is warm and the isolate has melted into it. If you still see crystals, heat a bit more and stir with a clean spoon until they have dissolved completely. Once the tincture is cooled, pour back into your tincture bottle and BOOM! more CBD for your money.

Isolate is the only product that we carry that can be Vaped.

Take a look at those tests – this stuff is clean as the driven snow 🙂


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